The Brooklyn Wager

The Brooklyn Wager
The Brooklyn Wager

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This is the story of a High School valedictorian from Brooklyn whose dream of attending Harvard University is dashed by circumstances beyond his control. He is offered a reprieve if . . .

All he has to do is raise $10,000 by the end of the summer in order to have the opportunity he has coveted for oh, so many years. This tale demonstrates the obstacles he faces - and how far he is willing to go to earn the money.

What about the budding relationship with his girlfriend? Is he willing to sacrifice it for the cause? Is his weird grandfather going to thwart his goal - or help him along the way? And even if he somehow succeeds in raising the cash, will his father honor the bet he made with his only son and match the $10,000 that will make the difference in his being able to attend that Cambridge, Massachusetts institute of higher learning near the Charles River?

And how many appearances will Mayor Rudolph Giuliani make in this story?

But the larger question remains:

How would YOU handle this challenging situation if YOU were the one walking in Anthony's Italian shoes? Hmmm?

Leaving Brooklyn . . . Fugheddaboudit!

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