Poems and Traditional Fare

Poems and Traditional Fare

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These CDs are for sale at $10 apiece. The music is traditional folk-sounding. Because this is not Apple i-Tunes, we unfortunately are unable to offer a thirty-second listen, but take a risk! They are wonderful songs - HONEST! The money from these sales will also be used to provide the above books to our Troops who are serving our country!

A List of Songs on the CD:

  1. The Wreck of The Hesperus (by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
  2. Lady Jane Grey
  3. O Captain! My Captain! (by Walt Whitman)
  4. Deborah Sings On Victory Day
  5. Eleanor of Aquitaine
  6. The Charge Of The Light Brigade (by Alfred, Lord Tennyson)
  7. King Henry VIII
  8. Invictus (by William Ernest Henley)
  9. Ode on Solitude (by Alexander Pope)
  10. The Tiger (by William Blake)
  11. The Village Smithy (by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
  12. To Thine Own Self Be True
  13. Hunting Song (by Henry Fielding)
  14. My Heart Is Aglow
  15. Shorten Sail (by George Bubb Dodington, Lord Melcombe)
  16. Walnuts With Wine
  17. Incest
  18. Our Love Well Needs Another Prime
  19. That's What I Call Cool!
  20. The Flowers of the Forest (2 combined: by Alicia Rutherford/by Jane Elliot)
  21. The Blind Boy (by Colley Cibber)

The Blind Boy recording was once lost but now it is found - sadly, with the last four words cut off. They are "although a poor blind boy."

There's an old phrase for an article that is inexpensive: "You can get that for the price of a song!" Well, based on that old description and the 3 CDs available on this site, one can deduce that the price of a song is: Fifty Cents!

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