The Kingmaker

The Kingmaker
The Kingmaker

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The format of this piece of writing is that of a screenplay. It is the story of the Life and Times of John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, who rose from obscurity to become the greatest commander of British forces in history. The Duke never lost a single battle in over a decade of military combat! He served six different British Kings and Queens in his time. His financial acumen led him to become the wealthiest man in Europe - Royalty included! Eventually, Marlborough attained a seat in the European Royal circle for himself, his wife Sarah and his great-great-great-great grandson, as well - but to find out how, one must read this entire volume from beginning to end.

This tale commences with The Great Fire of London and ends with a period of peace and tranquility that followed the first true world war in human history - The War of The Spanish Succession.

This was an unparalleled age of achievement in every field of endeavor! Other famous individuals of that era (mid-17th Century and early 18th Century) who make cameo appearances or are mentioned in this volume include:

Sir Isaac Newton; Sir Edmund Halley; John Locke; Sir Christopher Wren; Daniel Defoe; Jonathan Swift; Sidney Godolphin; Samuel Pepys; Robert Walpole; and Lady Diana Spencer (the original one!).

And not to be overlooked is the Minstrel who appears periodically to remind all that protests against war and poverty did not begin in the 1960s. His name is Phillip of Oakes - a fictitious singer/songwriter who bordered on treason with his lyrics that skillfully jabbed at those in high positions of power. The story has obvious parallels to the Vietnam War era in the United States - for those who assiduously take note of the many similarities as they are carefully and consciously laid out for all to see in this authentic chronicled drama.

The rise of a historically accurate mini-ice age and its reversal in the course of relating this authentic account should give one pause, as it relates to today's environmental movement.

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