Fortress of Solitude

Fortress of Solitude
Fortress of Solitude

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Herein lies the fantastic tale of a retired college professor who is an expert on the arcane subject of pyramids. Not just those built by the Pharaohs and that can be still be found in modern Egypt, but of scores of lesser known structures like those in Giza that have been brought to light over the years all over the planet - both on the earth and below it.

This academic‘s one last but elusive quest is to locate a Canadian pyramid - one that he firmly believes lies undiscovered in the far north of the second-largest country in the world. To this end, he organizes an expedition, hiring 3 Canadian university students on their summer vacation and leading them into the stark and forbidden environs of Canada's Yukon Territory. The youthful team consists of a master of trivia, a free spirit child of hippies, and an Inuit lad whose forebears settled the frozen North, long before any Europeans stepped foot on his ancestral lands.

What this quartet eventually uncovers in their strenuous efforts will lead the world to learn of life beyond the known civilization of that period in history, revealing the nature of the flora, fauna and climate that existed there 3,000 years ago. They likewise manage to learn how two different branches of humanity existed side by side within that same environment.

Many of the great creations of Robert W. Service, The Poet of the Yukon, serve to highlight this story, as that bard describes the people and their travails in the harsh weather of this icy cold and unwelcoming land.

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