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Some New Correspondence...

December 9, 2011

My name is SPC. Jason Pearl. I am a soldier in the 988th MP CO stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Our soldiers recently deployed to the war zone in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Since I was one of the lucky ones to have the ability to stay behind, I feel that it is my duty to make my Family and friends that are now gone feel as at home as possible. With it being the holiday season and these brave men and women missing Christmas this year and next, our unit is looking for some donations to send to them to make this deployment as easy as we can. If there is any help that you can give us please do. It will mean the world them.

Again, thank you for you dedication and support of our troops. Without folks like yourself, it would be impossible to do what we do.

Dear Jason ~

The wheels were set in motion last Friday. The care packages are on their way. The books will go out in a separate shipment on Friday, Dec. 23rd when I drop them off at Operation HomeFront in Wesley Chapel, Florida. They are the ones who forward them to our troops stateside and all over the globe.

Thanks for your service to our country - and God bless you and your buddies and keep them safe!
Sincerely yours,

Jack Honig

Good Day Mr. Honig -

My name is SGT Yeaw, Wayne of the 17th CSSB deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan. I am looking for donations for the soldiers I serve with - any and all donations sent to me here will be dispersed to all the soldiers within my battalion.
Thank You and here is my contact information.

SGT Yeaw, Wayne
17th CSSB
****** *** *****, Afghanistan
*** ** *****

Sgt. Yeaw ~

Delighted to hear from you!

I work with OperationHomefront out of the Tampa, Florida area when it comes to dispersing my books to the troops overseas.

I happen to be going there this week, but I will begin the process by email immediately. Their director of Operations is ex-military - a dedicated and solid man.

He prepares packages for the troops which include my books, toiletries, and other goodies.

God bless you and your troops and keep you all safe!
Thanks for your service to our country.

JACK HONIG - AFC (Author First Class!)

Mood Lifters!

What a great program and thanks for offering it. My husband loves to read, he will usually read one then pass it off to the next guy in his bunk and so on so its great! I'm sure they would love whichever titles you would like to send them, there are 10 in their tent.

This will be great they have only been there for a month and have had a rough start we lost 7 guys within the first 30 days. So anything I can do to find for a morale booster is great and I think this is perfect.

Please send it to:
SPC Kelly Robert
Fco Task Force 1-66 Armor 1st BCT 4th ID
*** ******
*** ** *****

Thank you so much,
Monica Kelly

Hi, Monica!

What a lovely message to receive clear out of the blue!
How did you find my site?

I'll have all 16 titles sent to the address you have provided within a day or two.

If you could ask them to pass these books on to another tent when they have finished them among their fellow tent members - and ask that second tent to do the same when THEY are done, that would be awfully kind of them.

JACK HONIG, AFC (Author First Class) :)

First order from Iraq!

Hello. I'm currently deployed to Iraq and would like a book or two to read if you don't mind, it helps pass the time. How would I go about getting books from you?

SSgt Jennifer M. Castro
Alpha Co

Thank you and have a great day!


I just got this message, Jennifer, from a group that supports folks like you with care packages that include my books:

Absolutely! I'll get them out next week!

Peggy Baker
Operation First Response, Inc.

Hopefully you'll be receiving all 10 books in the near future. Be sure to share them once you've read them! :)

Thanks so much for your service and God bless you and keep you safe!

JACK HONIG - AFC: Author First Class :)

A complete correspondence...

Mr. Honig,

We spoke recently about your kind offer to send your books to Eglin AFB for us to distribute to our deploying troops. Our director has given the OK for us to receive and pass the books on. He is asking for 40 of each title but I realize that may be more than you can allow, so we will take whatever amount you can send us. Once again, we appreciate your donation to our men and women who go in harm's way.

-Barbara Turney, Team Manager
Eglin AFB, Florida


Great news!
I'll send you 40 of each title which totals 320 - I'll make it 350 by adding 30 extras of The American Revolution book which everyone seems to especially enjoy. The order will be shipped out tomorrow - and should arrive on Monday or Tuesday of next week. I hope to have my new website up shortly where I'll add Eglin to the bases that have received these books.



Thank you SO much, and especially for sending such a large quantity. I'll e-mail when they arrive.

-Barbara Turney

Another Correspondence...


I passed on your information to my higher ups.

Thank you for the books!!!

Station Commander
Pine Hills Recruiting Station (Florida)

Sergeant First Class Carter:


I await the order with bated breath!

Author First Class :)

Another Correspondence...

Good afternoon Mr. Honig,

Thank you very much for supporting our men and women in uniform. On April 15 we are having our annual Fort Dix Family Fun Fest to support to our Service and Family Members. Service and Family Members from Fort Dix, McGuire AFB, Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst as well as Military Families from the NJ National Guard attend this annual event. At the fest we provide information of services available for our Military and Service Members as well as free activities, entertainment, give-a-ways, door prizes and refreshments. Therefore, I would like to distribute your books at the fest.

If possible, I respectfully request sending us 25 to 50 books of each title.

Amada M. Espinoza
Community Service
Relocation/Outreach Program Readiness Manager
Fort Dix, New Jersey


Thanks for your order! Two titles are almost depleted, so you will be sent what remains of them. Other books will be increased to make up for that.

400 in total are being packed today for a speedy delivery.


Good morning Mr. Honig,

On behalf of our Military Service and Family Members I want to thank you very much for your generous donation. Please be sure your books will be given to our Military Personnel or their spouses; and your website will be offered to interested civilians that want to support your project.

Very Respectfully,

Amada M. Espinoza

Comments and Thanks


I love what you are doing with your website. I have a lot of respect for anyone who goes out of their way to support our armed forces. I have linked to your site from my site, Keep up the great work.

Trent -

Hello Jack,

I hope all is well. What an Awesome site!

Jacksonville, Florida

Hello Jack,

My name is Mary Wolf. I was the one who brought you the "mini-treat" at The Hilton Garden last week. In return, you gave me one of your delightful books. In the book, you mentioned Lake Minihaha. I found that funny because I actually spent six weeks at Camp Minihaha, West Virginia many years ago.

Thank you for this book. ("Didn’t We Meet In High School?") I will visit your site for future books when I return home from working in Ocala for the next two weeks.



I just got back to my office and wanted to let you know everything arrived this morning. I left a few books with our receptionist to give out to our servicemen and women as they check in, in addition, i also put a copy of each in our canteen and one in our TV room, so that our guests can read them. The rest are going to be distributed to the troops overseas and the VA hospitals in DC. Thank you again,

-Connie Morinello
Junior Committee Member
Soldiers‘, Sailors‘, Marines‘, and Airmen‘s Club
New York, NY


I just wanted to thank you again for your generous gifts to us this weekend, and for all that you do for the armed forces! Our group is looking forward to the book swapping!

It was a pleasure spending time with you, and I do hope that our paths cross again in the future. Again, sincere thanks for being such a wonderful person!

-Patricia Brigham, LTC, AN , USAR
Braintree, Massachusetts


I would like to thank you for the CD, Book (The Seventh Branch) and most importantly your company. You are very pleasant to talk to and I look forward to seeing you again. (Next time we can discuss your book or maybe some poetry!)

Ray Wrobel, Wisconsin

Dear Mr. Honig:

Your support of our Soldiers and their Families is commendable and there is no amount of words to express our appreciation. Please stay in touch and thanks again for the donation!

Dolly S. Emory,
Director, Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation
Fort Lee, Virginia

Dear Jack,

It was a pleasure to meet you! It is so wonderful that you have a heart for veterans! Thank you for the book! We appreciate your support!

Bob Fulstone
St. Louis, Missouri