Betrayal in the Shrink Age

Betrayal in the Shrink Age
Betrayal in the Shrink Age

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The convicted and imprisoned investment bandit Bernie Madoff was a mere piker in comparison to the renowned Dr. Jerold Schneidermann. The protagonist in this fictional tale is a psychiatrist who ministers to the well-connected and well-heeled residents of Washington, D. C. - for a hefty price, of course! The man is privy to the deepest and darkest secrets of some of the most influential politicians and other residents of the capital, affording him an affluent lifestyle - and the power to ruin their lives and those of their family members as easily as someone might innocently switch off a lamp in their bedroom, were he ever to dare to betray their trust in him. Only an immoral and unethical professional in his field of expertise would behave in such an abominable manner.

Nonetheless, this contemptible fiend does exactly that! This novel displays the repercussions of such devilish perfidy in great detail - and will make the readers weigh the wisdom of exposing their vulnerabilities to a total stranger in a position of trust and authority who would be able to blackmail them with the very personal information that they willingly impart to him in the hopes of his curing their mental maladies - regardless of the many graduate degrees that hang on the walls of his office.

This scenario is akin to arming a person who is breaking into your house in the middle of the night - with your own weapon!

This tale was inspired by a shameful true-to-life event.

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